Provost Living builds homes for private sale, and affordable homes for housing associations as a trusted partner.

Working collaboratively and sustainably

As an independent developer the directors engage local architects, builders and suppliers creating family homes that are well designed, energy efficient, and sympathetic to the natural surroundings, using sustainable materials. 

 We work with community groups, collaborate with local authorities and support our partners to leave a legacy that we can all be proud of. We don’t build boxes, we don’t describe our homes as units and we don’t have standard house types. Instead, each development is bespoke in design and tailored to the local vernacular. 

“We build 5-40 homes in areas with sales values of £375–£725 sq/ft”

Our successful track record

Provost is a new name in housebuilding but the directors combine a 30 year heritage of delivering £1BN of development and energy projects around the UK, many of which have won local, national and civic awards. 

We focus on the urban and rural areas of South Wales and the Welsh Borders creating homes from Llanelli in the West, Brecon in the North and Chepstow in the East. 

Typically, our developments range from 5 to 40 houses or apartments, newly built in a sympathetic style or created through the sensitive and creative adaptation of a commercial or agricultural building.

• Working from Llanelli in the West, Brecon in the North and Chepstow in the East 
• We acquire with detailed and outline planning permission 
• 5-40 homes
• We build in areas with sales values of £375–£725 sq/ft
• Typical brownfield sites, redundant commercial/ industrial buildings and garden assemblies
• Conversions of existing buildings
• Contaminated and difficult sites are welcome
• Mixed-use schemes
• Urban and rural
• Joint ventures with housing associations, landowners and sophisticated investors 

Let’s talk.

If you have a potential site please get in touch with Gavin or Martin.

Gavin Bridge
Martin Hoyle